Ok so thanks to my little auto updates that i get sent from mangastream i have read the latest chapter and whilst all was well enoughthe thing that has most piqued my excitement is the little sentence at the end annoucing that along with our usual chapter next week we will be treated to a one shot issue that ties into the new movie.

well technically happy days, but then why do i have a bad feeling in my stomach like the Espada I´m fighting that was already kicking my arse in released form just pulled out segunda epta and is about to show me the true meaning of despair...... hm a little sidetracked there....... well because it´s hell and it´s relegated to being in the movie.

Now i think a Hell Arc would have been incredible as it´s an introduced but untapped source of villiains both at a power level relative of bug spray attacks from quincy bows up to phemoninal powers beyond Aizen and FGT. However now for one thing it wont be considered cannon material, much like the shoddy Dark Ones, Toshiro´s buddy (can´t remember his name off the top of my head and don´t care enough to look it up) and whoever the wierd memory altering kids were. It´ll be a quick glimpse (90 odd minutes rather than hundreds of chapters/episodes) and then discarded along with the rest of the trash.

Now mentioning trash leads me onto the main reason I´m not feeling great about the Hell Arc, and that´s because the movies on the whole are pants with a capital rubbish!! throwaway fillers with forgetable bad guys, quick resolving plots and wierd animation (i always think everyone looks overly long and streched vertically but that may be because of the resolution I´m watching at). So far i can count the good bits of all three movies on one hand - Zaraki playing with a dark one, Zaraki cutting up half a huge tower, Ikkaku´s Bankai release and Uruhara´s trip back to SS - and i would hate for a concept as interesting as Hell to be so badly treated.

I think we can all agree that - maybe save for Amagai - nobody cares for what happens to the antagonists in filler arcs and movies and most son´t give them much of a second thought after.

Of course I´m basing a bad film and rubbish story and characters off my opinions of past movies only so I can obviously be proved vastly wrong and i truely hope i am.

Did anyone else actually love the movies and think i´m mad for my rant? Do you not just hang on any moment containing a squad 11 Captain or Bankai and have other favourite movie moments? I´d love to hear your comments, although please be respectful of others opinions as we are all entitled to them.

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