The colour spread this week got me all excited and as i'm sure some others out there did i started thinking about how things will pan out, now this may have led me down the road of crazy crack talk but i don't care because finally i'm interested in watching Ichigo fight again and frankly that hasn't really happened since he left Soul Society.

As far as Ichigo approaching Aizen i'm sure we can now get back to the way I (and i'm sure the rest of us) enjoy seeing Ichigo. He will be cocky and overconfident and will undoubtedly make fun of Aizens acsended form. Aizen will dismiss him and say that he cannot touch him now whereby Ichigo will suprise him. eventually Aizen will stop overestimating Ichigo and get serious, at which point Ichigo will get into trouble........ etc etc and basically cut and paste any of Ichigo's fights before he started having trouble with his Hollow (Renji, Ikkaku, and especially Byakuya) and you get the picture. The fact that we did not see the training is interesting since it means we are leading up to a big reveal similar to the Bankai reveal and will have an explanation of powers as the fight progresses.

Now i've heard - i say heard i mean have read - a lot of people dismiss Ichigo's arrival becuase of how badly he did against Aizen in FKT and the fact that Aizen has powered up four times now since then. Well If you look on terms with their last fight Aizen as a shinigami is still twice as powerful as an average Captain - by his own admision - and ichigo attacked with his mask which was depowering him. however from what we did see of the training Ichigo has not only learnt the final technique, but also subdued and overpowered both Tensa Zangetsu and the Uber Hollow. Now the Hollows power when we saw it was absolutely off the charts being able to annihilate one of the other most powerful characters in the Bleach Universe - arguably the most powerful hollow of all - with no effort at all. Therefore with this as a power increase for Ichigo i think with him being able to fully control the full power of the hollow will be at least close to a match for Aizen, which has pretty much always been the odds for Ichigo.

Anyway looking back over the SS Arc battles i am really quite hopeful that Ichigo will be entertaining and prove a serious and believable match for the now ultra powered Aizen. Let me know whether you agree or show me a legitmate reason why you don't. As always please abide the rules, try to stay on topic and remember attacking other users will be dealt with serverly.

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