Did anyone else think that Tsubaki was a really cool character when he originally manifested? I love his image, the whole rouge shinobi thing looks totally awesome and the manner in which he attacks is A) highly original and B) totally hardcore.

I do wish they'd give the poor guy a chance, I mean I know Orihime is mainly a defensive character and her nature..... blah blah, but just because she doesn't want to kill and is a pacifist doesn't mean they should have totally written off her offensive ability when they had obviously spent a lot of time chracterising him. All of the Shun Shun Rika faeries are a part of Orihime so there must be some small part of her that wants to kick some arse!! Surely Tsubaki could just wing someone in order for an opponent to stop hurting one of her friends, surely she feels strongly enough about her friends not being mullered by the bad guys to make him of some use!!!

i wish they'd make him his own sentient being who doesn't have to take orders from Orihime so i can watch him reject the hell out of someones face!!!! LOL :D 

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