I know there are a lot of similar views floating round at the moment but I would like to throw out my two cents before I’m too late.

First of all my opinions on Aizen are biased due to two reasons. I don’t like him and I don’t like kido based zanpaktou!! Now In my opinion the best swords in bleach have basic melee features but done in an awesome waymaybe and engery blast along the way but basic kick assery . Zabimaru’s shikai, Wabisuke, Kazeshini, Zangetsu, Zaraki’s sword and to some extent even more complex swords like Senbonzakura (lots of little blade he can control).

This is what shikai’s are. You can get hardcore shikai like ryujin jakka and hyroinmaru but basically they do a job and you can explain it in one or two sentences!! I am really not a fan of how ridiculously overpowered but more over how stupidly complex Aizen’s shikai is. An the fact that you are under the illusion FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! Plus he can make tangible illusions that can be looked over and only the highest skilled medical officer in SS could spot even a tiny bit wrong I mean come on, even Shunsui, who has one of the most convoluted Shikai’s to date is simpler to understand than Aizens. In the Bount filler I thought that ichinose had an overpowered Shikai but at least is was shown a bit of brute strength could win through. somehow complete sensory control to create anything is just boring.

This also goes with his current standing in the scheme of things. Now I used to love ichigo’s character. I think anyone who started watching Bleach would agree as he was the absolute focus of the start and if it weren’t for him being a great character I wouldn’t have continued watching!

Ichigo was interesting because he was always outclassed in terms of experience but was always uber powerful, from paralysing Renji with his reiatsu, so being able to cut Zaraki, to blocking Byakuya’s flash step the first time. He always had his cocky demeanor because of this incredible power he was still just getting used to. However since being pummelled by Grimmjow the first time he has only ever seemed to struggle to keep up. He beat grimmjow by a hairs breath, got pummelled by Nnorita, killed by Uliquorra, could barely knick Yammy whereas Zaraki kick him to pieces without taking off his eyepatch.

I would have loved to have seen the shocked look on Aizens face and that cheeky grin on Ichigo’s as he showed Aizen his power is equal to his. But instead he flopped and failed with even his strongest attack.

Tinni has a much better blog capping recent events and possible outcomes as do others on the site by as I said I want to get out my opinion too. Here is what I think should go down to keep at least myself interested:

Aizen fights ichigo and the other capable fighters (or are they, maybe they’re just illusions, maybe they’re real but they all think everyone else is Aizen……see what I mean!!). and takes out all but Ichigo, Shinji and probably Toshiro to make the next bit more interesting.

OK imagine the next part in panels, i can already see this: Close up of Aizens eyes, they’re wide. Pan out to see shinso sticking through his heart. Aizen turns around, Gin is standing a way back smiling as usual, he says something along the lines of “well I just got so bored of listening to you”. As Aizen falls to his death, quietly stating he always knew it would be Gin the three other fighters stare at him.

Gin will then fight the three of them, not to create a key or destroy something. Just for fun.

Gin would be the main antagonist. Not having main schemes or hugely elaborate plans but just revelling in chaos, guerrilla warfare against SS for nothing but because he can. People would sympathise and swap sides. Ichigo would be torn between Gin’s philosophy and his morals it would make for excellent debate and some awesome one on one fights with equally powered opponents.

Anyway if this happens I will be incredibly exicted as overblown over powerful characters don’t interest me. You ever see the Joker in batman do anything for a particular reason? I think the best enemies of an organisation that prides itself on rules like SS does is one that completely embraces lawlessness and Gin would be the perfect poster child for that…. Plus back to the shikai thing, his is perfect!!!!!!!!

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