So as we all know we are kind of gearing up towards the end of the currently Arc. One of the main things we all seem to be debating here is Aizens continued exsistence in the Bleach Universe or whether he'll get cut down and kiled by any of the combatants facing him.

Another thing i've seen popping up in forums and blog posts is a possibility of a Hell Arc which would provide a brand new set of enemies and possible way to up the overall power limit for a Big Bad set by the uber powerful Aizen. Well how about this:

Circle of life and death - human dies, becomes soul in SS, soul dies, becomes human etc etc. So as we know souls with a large amount of spiritual power can become shinigami but are still very much a part of the cycle. Obviously the Hollows factor into all this - plus doesn't go to SS, becomes hollow until essentially exorsised by Shinigami and hen joins back to the usual stream - but we all know the details of that too.

What i'm thinking is that humans who to terrible deeds in their lives (like serial murder) go to Hell. now what about souls that do terrible things? or more importantly Shinigami that do terrible things (for example kill tonnes of people and try overthrow all life as we know it), what repurcussions do they face? surely if you can go to Hell on the Human side of the flow then the same should apply to the SS side too.

I think it would be very interesting if this were the case as it would a) allow Aizen to die bringing a sense of closure to this Arc, b) open up the possibility of Hell being a major player in Bleach and c) keep Aizen in the game for future Arcs.

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