So after my overly energetic rank earlier on Crunchy Roll and where they can stick their licence some of you suggested alternatives and my night was saved!! :)

so watching the episode i was sceptical since i'm not much of a Hitsugaya fan. I find him lacking mostly and his personality kind of gets on my nerves but luckily i was all round impressed!!

In the manga depiction i felt that Toshiro basically got his arse handed to him the whole fight but this episode made it seem much less one sided and i finally found myself routing for little Shiro-chan, especially on the occasions he out flanked and surprised Harribel giving her a WTF face! I don't remember if Kira featured quite so heavily during this period in the manga and if he didn't then it was a good choice to have him included. too often in the manga, especially now we are left wondering what on earth is happening with the downed characters (how long since we saw or heard from Ukitake?) and i appreciate seeing him working and Komamura giving support like a big super strong puppy..... ahh 'ikle Sajin :)

All in all a great episode, and if a Hitsugaya sceptic like me can route for the Chibi Captain then i bet all the fans out there will be going nuts.

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