Just Thought i would Blog about the latest episode since i was so horribly dissapointed in the Manga this week but plesantly happy with the Anime.

I am seriously excited to the be back in FKT in the anime. The Ulqui fight was a massive event but at the end of the day it really boils down to what should have been an annihilation by Ulquiorra and a cheap trick by Ichigo/his inner Hollow. SO we start with actually watching the Yammy start up. i was glad of that since i thought it was a little unfair of Renji/Chad/Rukia to all be Kensei'd and we at least got to see them put up a struggle and were shown a brief insight into Yammy's power (Yammy smah puny Shinigami).

But onto the top three espada. Starrk and Shunsui look awesome! it's been a while now and i had forgotten how much i love them both. Watching the fight is brilliant because it's the only one where you can seriously see it going either way. Obviously i know how it all turns out but my point is that Soifon and Toshiro look screwed from the start whereas you can really believe that they are equal in power and the fight is just more enjoyable because of it. Barragan is gearing up now and i love the fight with him for the complete opposite reason to the Starrk fight. Barragan just seems so strong that a victory seems impossible to comprehend. I loved his fleshing out as his backstory is great and i'm very much looking forward to seeing it on screen.

So its all back to go Espada and unlucky Captains for biting off more than they could chew.

Also the Omake made me laugh, poor Omeada :D

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