OK so i'm now thinking of the outcomes of all these fights and wondering how the hell the gotei 13 will recover from things. first, poor Orihime is gonna be damned busy when she gets back (if she gets back) from HM considering the following captains are one armed right now:

Soi Fon



Plus Hacchi from the Vizard and then you still got Hiyori in two pieces! i mean are the G13 going to have three one armed captains plus three they dont have from defection, not counting if Yammy crushes one or more captainsin HM, and Gin hasn't even gotten involved for a while now, his whole deal is slicing people up! will this new arc planned be a long introspective look at the past or will we have a time skip to a point where people like Hiasgi are captains or will the Gotei 13 disband and a new form of government created since Central 46 are all rubber ducked as well??

I would like to see Gin survive, Hisagi become captain and Kurosaki Isshin called back to service, but then again i'd like to see Ichigo do a different move and not die before beating someone so it may not be particuarly likely. Anyone else for a more reasonable pop at the outcome of all this??

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