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December 15, 2009
  • Nick D Wolfwood

    So i guess because i´m on the Europoean Time zone i´m probably up and caught the new Bleach before most, however i wont tread on the toes of my favorite blogs. I just want to know one thing -


    was it a mistranslation last week? or were the (admittedly awesome looking) colour panels all we´re getting??? i fell a little duped, i mean i didn´t even see a new character that may be appearing (unless the wierd dudes with white and purple hair are them) just colour shots of shinigami that i assume will be part of the movie.

    I was expecting a prologue or any kind of information not just the colour shots. Maybe i jumped the gun and Mangastream just haven´t uploaded it yet i dunno but colour me dissapointed......... chapte…

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  • Nick D Wolfwood

    Ok so thanks to my little auto updates that i get sent from mangastream i have read the latest chapter and whilst all was well enoughthe thing that has most piqued my excitement is the little sentence at the end annoucing that along with our usual chapter next week we will be treated to a one shot issue that ties into the new movie.

    well technically happy days, but then why do i have a bad feeling in my stomach like the Espada I´m fighting that was already kicking my arse in released form just pulled out segunda epta and is about to show me the true meaning of despair...... hm a little sidetracked there....... well because it´s hell and it´s relegated to being in the movie.

    Now i think a Hell Arc would have been incredible as it´s an introdu…

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  • Nick D Wolfwood

    The colour spread this week got me all excited and as i'm sure some others out there did i started thinking about how things will pan out, now this may have led me down the road of crazy crack talk but i don't care because finally i'm interested in watching Ichigo fight again and frankly that hasn't really happened since he left Soul Society.

    As far as Ichigo approaching Aizen i'm sure we can now get back to the way I (and i'm sure the rest of us) enjoy seeing Ichigo. He will be cocky and overconfident and will undoubtedly make fun of Aizens acsended form. Aizen will dismiss him and say that he cannot touch him now whereby Ichigo will suprise him. eventually Aizen will stop overestimating Ichigo and get serious, at which point Ichigo will g…

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  • Nick D Wolfwood

    Well no one seems to have written a chapter blog and i don't want to step on Lia and Gods toes so i'm going to pretend that almost the entire thing didn't happen........ that's pretty easy to do since the only real story elements this week was Ichigo's continued yet completely unseen struggle and Gin arriving back from his "chat" with Rangiku.......

    OK Afro-san released and he has a defensive type but.......yawn....... seriously when are they going to just get to the point and stop throwing piles of useless at Aizen it's REALLY boring!! And i know that the whole "Ichi is in his inner world and has to fight and struggles and only wins out at the last second"thing is a cliche but hell i would rather watch that unfold knowing the enevitable co…

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  • Nick D Wolfwood

    OK so this will probably just sound like me being overly picky but a few things have been bugging me now and with another to add to my list in this weeks chapter i had to let off steam and see if it's not just me!!

    So i have been noticing instances of hypocrasy in what is said by characters compared to what is an actual reality. now a few of these have been argued to death so i won't spend to much time on some but i'd still like to see if some of you have noticed others:

    1. Dual Blade Zanpaktou's, now i know that kubo writes on the fly and that kazeshini is awesome and that there has been many a discussion around whether it can count as a blade but what Yama-jii said about Kyrokau and Ukitake is wrong. In the english dub it says exists as two s…

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