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    I find it weird.

    May 2, 2013 by Newgates

    In the turn back the pendulum arc, Unohana said that the 10th captain died in the line of duty and that captain is Isshin and Urahara was just promoted as the captain of the 12th division and later Aizen subjected Shinji and company in his hollowification project. But we saw Urahara wearing the cloak that shrouds or cut off your reiatsu and attacked Aizen and in result he was framed up and banished. But in the latest chapter we saw Aizen wearing the cloak and saying that it was a great parting gift from Urahara while watching his experiment fight Ishhin which means Uruhara already got banished from soul society and if so why is Uruhara in soul society after Isshin died which means he just got promoted as captain of the 12th division and w…

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