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  • NeonSyzygy

    So, after recently buying the just-published English version of the 'Masked' Character Book 2, I noticed several interviews with Tite Kubo where parts were censored. I'm not sure if this has been posted before, so don't flame me if it has.

    Interview 1:

    Q: I want to ask you about the 10th Company captain from the flashback arc.

    Kubo: XXX isn't dead. It's XXXXX.

    Q: So if it's XXXXX, that means XX is XX?

    Kubo: Uh-huh. XX is XX. XXX who was assistant-captain of the 10th Company at the time was a candidate to be promoted to captain, but...

    Q: I get the feeling something incredible is about to be revealed (LOL)

    Kubo: Mm..., XXXX. (LOL) But a lot of stuff happened and in the end it was Toshiro Hitsugaya as an XXX that was promoted to XXXX. XX gets XXXXXXX wi…

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