... I must say I'm slightly speechless.

Emotions aside, I think this is it. I can't imagine how this isn't the end. Ergo, the Final Getsuga. Now we're well aware of all the loose ends that haven't been covered, so the series may continue, but at the very least I must say that for the FIRST time, I'm convinced Aizen really is on the way out. Although how the plot will drive on with (assuming it's true) Ichigo losing his Shinigami abilities, I don't know. As for the enemy, the only logical continuation I can think of is a play on the Hogyoku's "will" of it's own (i.e, it materializes into an entity). But that's anyone's guess. Personally I think it would be rather poetic if the series simply ended after Zanchigo kills Aizen. But knowing Kubo, I doubt it will, and I'm sure he's still itching for the right window to show Urahara's (and the others') Bankai. I don't know, it just feels like there's more that could happen, I just can't see how it'll tie together.

But... Zanchigo.., gah, so perfect. T_T

Thoughts/theories? Emotions of awe?

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