I've been reading up on the blogs posted reviewing Deicide 7 and there are a lot of opinions on whats to come. Most of them concerning wether or not Gin and/or Aizen are going to die. There are three more chapters left before deicide ends. So I don't think either of them are going to meet their ends next chapter (if it even happends). Another topic that seems to be coming up a lot is the meaning or reason behind Isshins Getsuga. Now since we are right in the middle of some intense action I don't think we're gonna get any answers about that right away (though it would be nice). Aside from these two topics what do you guys think is in store for us in the next chapter? My prediction is that Aizen is FINALY going to show us some of his new powers. I mean common the guys been gettin his ass kicked all over the place. Ever since Isshin showed up all Aizen has done is talk and get blasted over and over with insanely powerful attacks. He hasen't even attempted to fight back yet. So im realy looking forward to him pulling out all the stops and actualy showing us he's worth having all these sweet characters ganging up on him. He realy needs to stop threatining and actualy DO SOMETHING already lol. Anyways basicly thats my thoughts on whats to come in deicide 8. I don't even want to guesse what Gins gonna do. It could all go either way. So guys what do think is going down in Deicide 8? Please stay on topic. Thank you :D

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