Has anyone else noticed that out of the two times <--( i may be mistaken here please correct me with a reference if i am wrong) the anime has shown us Gin's eyes there has been one major mixup?? In episode 48 Gin showed us his eyes in color for the first time they looked to me to be almost red maybey brown. Yet if you watch to the end of the credits in the most recent episode ,the minisode between Gin and Ulquiorra, his eyes are a blueish silver??? I know its not realy a bombshell mistake but since Kubo made it a point to only show us the eyes once and the changed them more than 200 episodes later is kind of wierd and begs the question as to why? This is not a conspiracy theory or anything just something to pick at the brain. And yes i have read all the mangas in which i cannot recal wether they ever even make a reference to his eyes. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated thx guys :). And since this is my first blog not only on Bleach but on anything please be gentle I know im a newb :P.

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