(Gee this is my first time writing one of these I hope i'm good at it and don't violate any regulations.) So I recently thought about this what if the Thousand Year Blood War arc got an anime adaption? Who would the voice actors for various characters such as the Sternritter and others be? Well this is pretty much a list of who I think would be the best choice for voice actors for these characters.

Askin Nakk Le Varr- Tom Waits

Äs Nödt- Steven Jay Blum as Arrancar 109 suggested

Bambietta Basterbine - Kate Higgins her voice is perfect

Bazz-B- Malcolm McDowell Y'know because of the whole British Punk thing

Berenice Gabrielli- Joan Rivers after all Berenice and Joan don't know how to shut up.

BG9- Ross Douglas using his Clockwerk voice it's both menacing and robotic.

Candice Catnipp- Kate Higgins again

Cang Du- Liam O'Brien I picture Cang having a sort of Gaara esque voice.

Driscoll Berci- Paul St. Peter

Guenael Lee- Gilbert Gottfried I don't know why but Gilbert is perfect for the role.

Giselle Gewelle- Christina Vee

Gremmy Thoumeaux- Lucien Dodge

James- Pamela Adlon

Jerome Guizbatt- Dee Bradley Baker since Jerome roars Baker can just make Appa noises.

Jugram Haschwalth- Liam O'Brien using the Ukitake voice

Kanae Katagiri- Kevin Michael Richardson

Liltotto Lamperd- Michelle Ruff

Loyd Lloyd- John R. Dilworth

Mask De Masculine- Hulk Hogan

Meninas McAllon- Stephanie Sheh

NaNaNa Najahkoop- Mr. T

Ōetsu Nimaiya- Eddie Murphy

Pepe- Les Claypool

Quilge Opie- Sean Connery

Royd Lloyd- Kyle Herbert

Shaz Domino- Mr. Lawrence using his Filbert Voice.

Tenjirō Kirinji- Michael Imperioli

Unnamed Male Sternritter- Gary Busey someone with an elderly southern accent would do wonders but James Whitmore is dead.

Yhwach- Fran Drescher this one was suggested by Schiffy his or her favorite actress

Note: I'll update this later if the committee members and administrators want me to take this down I will.

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