Mr.Rig and Zig

aka Vladimir Zelquilge

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Composer
  • I am " I am but a dream--your dream, a creature of your imagination."
  • Mr.Rig and Zig

    Hello, fellow editors; this is Mr. Rig. Y'know something? I'm a music buff and over the past year I've been thinking, which songs would fit one of the Quincy as a theme? Well, I have a few ideas. I'll also take suggestions from other users, so come up with something good.

    Here's what I got so far:

    Pernida Parnkgjas - [Evolution by Korn]

    As Nodt - [The Nightmare Seconds by Extinction of Mankind]

    Quilge Opie - [Hell Patrol by Judas Priest]

    BG9 - [The Robots by Kraftwerk]

    PePe Waccabrada - [Friendzone by Pink Guy]

    Gerard Valkyrie - [The Alphabet Business Concern (Home Of Fadeless Splendour) by Cardiacs]

    Mask De Masculine - [Roar of the Crowd by CFO$]

    Candice Catnipp [Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant]

    Gremmy Thoumeaux - [Visionary by Rameses B]

    Guenael Lee …

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  • Mr.Rig and Zig

    (Gee this is my first time writing one of these I hope i'm good at it and don't violate any regulations.) So I recently thought about this what if the Thousand Year Blood War arc got an anime adaption? Who would the voice actors for various characters such as the Sternritter and others be? Well this is pretty much a list of who I think would be the best choice for voice actors for these characters.

    Askin Nakk Le Varr- Tom Waits

    Äs Nödt- Steven Jay Blum as Arrancar 109 suggested

    Bambietta Basterbine - Kate Higgins her voice is perfect

    Bazz-B- Malcolm McDowell Y'know because of the whole British Punk thing

    Berenice Gabrielli- Joan Rivers after all Berenice and Joan don't know how to shut up.

    BG9- Ross Douglas using his Clockwerk voice it's both me…

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