Hello everyone, I'm Morgan Silve (Luis Gabriel Lamborgini) and today I will be hosting "Espada Talk". According to the rules, fan-fiction is not allowed anywhere on the site, with the exception of your user page. I do want to inform the administrators that this isn't a fan-fiction blog/weekly event. It is a weekly event that any user can enter, and state their opinion about bleach.

  • Please, if we want to keep this weekly event, don't post any fan fiction.

For the next two weeks, we will be talking about Arrancar. Today's segment is about Espada; now in your opinion, which is the strongest Espada? Let us know about your opinion.......


We want to keep things simple, just tell us your opinions in the following order:

Baraggan Luisenbarn

  • I think that he is the strongest Espada because he can: reason(s)
  • I believe his most unique ability is: ability
  • I think his strongest ability is:

And there we have it, our very own event. So please, give us some of your opinions....

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