It is finally here! A poem contest based on bleach, winner gets a bran new template! You see, I was thinking about how haikus were made in the soul society, so why not add it to bleach wiki? It doesn't need to be haiku. It can be if you want it to! I'm participating too, here's my poem based on Rukia vs Aaroniero: . She was asked to follow and she did, Lead by a misterious man, colored in darkness He took off his mask, which resembled a lid Not even Aizen liked him

He explained that the sun watches you You being monitered day and night Don't you feel watched? You look back and ask who? Then keep walking, feeling fright

The secret is finally revealed, A man with two heads, filled with greed Rukia claims she is now for real The truth has made her see

He releases a trident Along with A grotesque moving creature He is a hollow eater Gaining power from the dead.

The battle now ends Mesmorized by her memories She is impaled in the end She now seeks her peir

She turns the table This marks his end His piece of the fable

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