Over my days away from bleach wiki, I have been wanting to know who would win in the battle, Jin Kariya vs Aizen Sosuke.

Why am I asking this:

Kariya can manipulate wind, and make barriers out of it, giving Aizen a hard time to cut Kariya.

Aizen can hypnotize, so Kariya might be targeting Aizen's sword.

Their Similarities:

Both are Master Hand-To-Hand Combatants

  • They can catch or block swords with one arm or hand.

Both have tremendous reiatsu

  • Kariya's battle with Ichigo on Sokyoku Hill
  • Aizen in the Seireitei

Both have high intelect

  • Aizen has a gifted interpertation of things in battle, ect.
  • Kariya has alot of experience in battle and in living (society, ect.)

Both have been living for a long time

  • Kariya can be 600-400 yrs
  • Aizen can be around the same time line


  • Kariya can absorb reishi to heal,
  • Aizen can also regenerate
  • Reishi absorbtion might work in fake karakura

A little off topic:

Both were about to kill Ichigo but:

  • Kariya died because he activated the jokaisho crests without knowing they were resealed
  • Aizen was sealed away by Kisuke

So I am being as precise as possible, please don't mention aizen alot, as I am talking about his state as a regular shinigami (I just added regeneration to add more equality).

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