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    Hello, I'm Morgan Silve (Morgan silve ROCKS 18:57, April 9, 2011 (UTC)). I'm sorry for the delay on the weekly Bleach talk. Anyways, Today's topic will be about your favorite Hollow Technique. What is it?

    Here is the format:


    • Why:
    • How would you use it?:

    So please, tell us about your thoughts. Remember to follow format.

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    Hello everyone, I'm Morgan Silve (Luis Gabriel Lamborgini) and today I will be hosting "Espada Talk". According to the rules, fan-fiction is not allowed anywhere on the site, with the exception of your user page. I do want to inform the administrators that this isn't a fan-fiction blog/weekly event. It is a weekly event that any user can enter, and state their opinion about bleach.

    • Please, if we want to keep this weekly event, don't post any fan fiction.

    For the next two weeks, we will be talking about Arrancar. Today's segment is about Espada; now in your opinion, which is the strongest Espada? Let us know about your opinion.......

    We want to keep things simple, just tell us your opinions in the following order:

    Baraggan Luisenbarn

    • I think that…

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    October 30, 2010 by Morgan silve
    Over the days, I have been wondering if Hollows were really "Hollow" (hard on the outside, empty in the inside) I'm really confused because when Orihime was healing Grimmjow, you can see the arm's bones regenerating. Then theres the Hollow whole... You see the black around the edges. Also, arrancars bleed when they are cut. As shown to the left of this description, wonderweiss's head is totaly empty. Could it be that when an aarancar goes into ressureccion, this happens to them? Read more >
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    Over my days away from bleach wiki, I have been wanting to know who would win in the battle, Jin Kariya vs Aizen Sosuke.

    Why am I asking this:

    Kariya can manipulate wind, and make barriers out of it, giving Aizen a hard time to cut Kariya.

    Aizen can hypnotize, so Kariya might be targeting Aizen's sword.

    Their Similarities:

    Both are Master Hand-To-Hand Combatants

    • They can catch or block swords with one arm or hand.

    Both have tremendous reiatsu

    • Kariya's battle with Ichigo on Sokyoku Hill
    • Aizen in the Seireitei

    Both have high intelect

    • Aizen has a gifted interpertation of things in battle, ect.
    • Kariya has alot of experience in battle and in living (society, ect.)

    Both have been living for a long time

    • Kariya can be 600-400 yrs
    • Aizen can be around the same tim…
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    It is finally here! A poem contest based on bleach, winner gets a bran new template! You see, I was thinking about how haikus were made in the soul society, so why not add it to bleach wiki? It doesn't need to be haiku. It can be if you want it to! I'm participating too, here's my poem based on Rukia vs Aaroniero: . She was asked to follow and she did, Lead by a misterious man, colored in darkness He took off his mask, which resembled a lid Not even Aizen liked him

    He explained that the sun watches you You being monitered day and night Don't you feel watched? You look back and ask who? Then keep walking, feeling fright

    The secret is finally revealed, A man with two heads, filled with greed Rukia claims she is now for real The truth has made he…

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