Well this blog is about, u guessed it, The Espada. Many of the Espada had their claims to fame or in other words, directly stated what was special about them. I am posting this Blog, because I am curious to here u'or opinions on the Espada that weren't very clear as to what was special or unique about them. Lets take a look at the Espada who did tell us what they were best at. 

1). Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorras speciality was healing. He said so himself & besides Nnoitra no other Espada seemed to be able to heal their wounds & Nnoitras healing ability could not be compared to Ulquiorras. Ulquiorra had his Seguanda Etapa, but he never said the others were not cpapble of using this, but merely had not mastered it. So Ulquiorras claim to fame was his Amazing Healing Ability.

2). Nnoitra Jiruga. Nnoitras specialty was hierro. He claimed that not only was his Hierro the strongest of the current, but was the strongest in Espada history. Overall I don't think this claim was by any means a lie or outrageous boast. The Espada higher in ranking didn't seem any harder to cut & besides Baraggan(whom was never actually cut) all of the Espada were not very hard to cut. So Nnoitras claim to fame was his Steel Hard Hierro.

3). Zommari Leroux. Zommari claimed that he was the fastest Espada. This claim is a bit hard to swallow seeing as how Starrk, Ulquiorra, & Baraggan all seemed to be faster then him. In fact he didn't seem any faster then Grimmjow for that matter. Still, he was by no means slow & he did have quite a unique ability called Gemelos Sonido. Plus he did seem to be as fast if not a little faster then Byakuya Kuchiki. So lets let him have it. Zommaris claim to fame was his Lightning Fast Sonido.

4). Aaroniero Arruruerie. Aaroniero claimed that he was able to infinetly evolve. This claim was not false. He had Kaiens appearence, body, & even his Zanpakuto; thus making him the only Arrancar who could use a Shinigami Zanpakuto. Though Aaroniero could not use Kido & unfortunately when he faced Rukia he had not devoured anyone with true potential. Thus he died without becoming as powerful as the other Espada. Still his boast was not false. Aaronieros claim to fame was his Limitless Potential.

Now for the Espada who despite the fact have never claimed to be the best at anything, we have made speculations & pointed out the things they are best at.

5). Szayel Aporro Granz. Szayel never said what he was best at, but we all knew & considered him the smartest Espada. Szayel came out & said he wasn't a very good fighter. Still, Szayel completely overwhelmed Renji while Renji was using Shikai. Most of Szayels fighting seemed to rely on other things. His Zanpakuto was the main one. His Voodoo tech was his main attack & he had apparently made it so he could tear apart the doll without the as said victim also coming apart. The second thing was his inventions such as the room he had that restricted Reiatsu which Szayel had knowledge about. The third were he consumeable Fraccion that had healing abilities. All of these things were created by him so we all consider him to be the smart on. So Szayels claim to fame was his Incredible Intellect.

6). Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Initially I had no idea what his speciality was. He used Cero & Bala techs. His best tech was his Gran Rey Cero, but this could be used by all Espada or so he told us. Once released his best tech was Degarcion, but this is just a large cutting attack, nothing really special or unique about it. I had basically given up hope, until a user here Moe1216 told me something. He said he thought Grimmjows was close-range-combat. After watching all of Grimmjows fights I strongly agree. Though, Grimmjow was very good with a sword he chose to fight with his bare hands & was very skilled. Also once released Grimmjows sword disappeared leaving him weaponless, but even more dangerious. So Grimmjows claim to fame was his Unparalleled Mastery Of Hand-To-Hand Combat.

7). Baraggan Luisenbarn. Baraggan never used Ceros, Balas, or any other standard Arrancar ability; aside from Sonido which he was quite skilled with. His best tech was his Rispera in which he could age anything. Still, its hard to compare the other Espada to him with such a devastating ability on his side. Overall all we have to go on is his Rispera. So, Baraggans claim to fame was his Horrifying Ability To Immediately Age Anything.

Now for the Espada that i'm open to suggestions for. These are the ones who are very confusing & require alot of speculation, thought, & comparisions to.

8). Coyote Starrk. This one is a lot harder then many of u might think. Starrk never actually came out & claimed anything, though his abilities were truly amazing. Overall, Starrks greatest advantage seemed to be his speed. Even Ulquiorra did not seem to be as fast as him & at times Starrk moved so fast it was like he was teleporting or something & he completely left people speechless & in awe of his speed. Also he was by far the best at using Cero claiming to be able to fire 1,000 Ceros at once(& since he never seemed to lie I think he really could). Yet his most amazing ability was his Wolf Pack technique. We later learned this tech was actually parts of his Soul materialized into living Bombs(Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack). Just a little DBZ joke there. Even if u tried to hit them they would reform & were very fast & powerful, making them hard to escape from. Starrk was good at many things & skilled at both long-range & close-range combat. Still, when u compare him to the Espada there was one thing very unique about him that could be compared to the others: his Cero abilities. So, Starrks claim to fame was his Peerless Ability With Ceros.

9). Yammy Riyalgo. Like Starrk, this one is very confusing. He has used basically all of the Arrancar basic abilities & overall nothing seems to stand out about him. The only tech unique to him is the Gonzui, though this seems to be a fast way to eat for him more then an attack. We have speculated that with his jump to Zero Espada he will use a more powerful version of this, but he has yet & might not ever do this. He isn't the fastest or the strongest, so what could his claim to fame be. I am curious to here u'or opinions on Yammys Claim.

10). Tia Harribel. "Sigh". This one is really a nightmare. Like Grimmjow I had given up, but Moe1216 said her speciality was complete mastery of her element. Still, Hallibel never did anything that could be considered absolutely amazing. She was strong, fast, & forced Toshiro to Bankai before she released her Zanpakuto. Yet after this Toshiro held the upperhand. We can speculate that had she been able to get more moisture in the air she might have been far more dangerous, especially since while fighting her Toshiro decided it best to try his untested tech on her. I speculate that underwater or near water Hallibel, would be close to invincible, but on land or away from water she is quite literally a Fish Out Of Water. I am curious to here u'or opinions on Hallibels Claim. 

So thats it. So what do u guys think about the Espadas Claims To Fame. I am anticipating u'or responses to Starrk, Yammy, & Hallibel.

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