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    The Espada's Claim To Fame

    November 6, 2009 by Minato88

    Well this blog is about, u guessed it, The Espada. Many of the Espada had their claims to fame or in other words, directly stated what was special about them. I am posting this Blog, because I am curious to here u'or opinions on the Espada that weren't very clear as to what was special or unique about them. Lets take a look at the Espada who did tell us what they were best at. 

    1). Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorras speciality was healing. He said so himself & besides Nnoitra no other Espada seemed to be able to heal their wounds & Nnoitras healing ability could not be compared to Ulquiorras. Ulquiorra had his Seguanda Etapa, but he never said the others were not cpapble of using this, but merely had not mastered it. So Ulquiorras claim to fame wa…

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