• Mercerfrey88

    BG9: My Thoughts

    October 7, 2013 by Mercerfrey88

    I have a theory on who (or what) BG9 is supposed to be. The thought occurred to me when I was looking at an earlier blog post by Marioman53 called "Stern Ritter Titles: What do they mean?". In that post, he gave possible titles for the epitaphs of every member of the Stern Ritters; one of BG9's proposed titles was 'The Knight'. Then something came to me: in chess, when a player moves a piece to another part of the board, they say things like 'Knight to b4'. The chess board is like a grid, using numbers vertically & letters horizontally. BG9 could possibly be named from a shogi board (the Japanese equivalent to chess) as there are up to 9 spaces horizontally & vertically (a chess board only has 8 spaces). On the B space, a bishop & roo…

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