• MattyMage


    A shocked Ichigo watches silently as Yhwach slowly approaches him.

    Yhwach: How sad. I've broken your sword, your horn, and now, it would seem I have broken your spirit.

    Ichigo remains motionless.

    Yhwach: I had such hopes for you too; you are my greatest creation, after all.

    Orihime: Sōten Kisshun!

    Orihime's barrier surrounds Ichigo; almost immediately however, it shatters.

    Orihime: Wha-what?! But how-

    Yhwach then drops the broken remains of Orihime's hairpins from his hand. Orihime then collapses on her knees in shock.

    Yhwach: "The future can be changed." And lo and behold, it has. But only I, only the God of this world has the right to bring about such change. So tell me, Ichigo Kurosaki; have you finally come to realize this ul…

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