The Stern Ritter Titles

Well we've gotten to see the majority of the Stern Ritter and their letters. But for some we have absolutely no clue as to what their letters stand for. We've only got a couple. So here are my possible suggestions as to what they might be.

A- Yhwach/Uryu Ishida -It looks its more for show than anything. It doesn't neccesarily need a meaning and could just be for rank. Maybe "The Armageddon"?

B- Jugram Haschwalth - The Bomb, The Blaster, The Bonecrusher, The Battler,The Bishie, The Breaker, The Best, The Broken, The Brother, The Butcher, The Burner?

C- Unknown(Possibly the KFC quincy) - The Commissioner, The Creator, The Careful, The Choker, The Cutter, The Confidant, The Charger, The Comet, The Crazy, The Cricket, The Cremator, The Consultant, The Criminal?

D- Askin Naak La Vaar - The Dimension(al), The Devastator, The Destroyer, The Decider, The Damned, The Diplomat, The Demigod, The Desecrater, The Demolisher, The Demon, The Devil, The Dreamer?

E- Bambietta Basterbine - The Expander, The Erotic, The Extender, The Extreme, The Echo, The Eclipse, The Elemental, The Empress, The Enemy, The Eternal, The Executioner, The Exorcist?

F- As Nodt - (confirmed) The Fear

G- Liltotto Lamperd - The Gamer, The Great, The Gravedigger, The Gangster, The Genius, The Generator, The Gentle, The Good, The Griffin, The Guest, The Grudge, The Grotesque?

H- Baz-B - The Hater, The Hated, The Hungry, The Horrible, The Hacker, The Heat, The Heart(lol), The Hazard, The Hero, The Hideous, The Hulk, The Hurt, The Hysterical, The Hypnotizer, The Hamburger?

I- Cang Du - The Insane, The Iconoclast, The Ice, The Illusion, The Islamic, The Imperceptible, The Imperialist, The Imperturbable, The Impulse, The Impure, The Incognito, The Infected, The Infernal, The Invisible, The Invinceable?

J- Quilge Opie - (confirmed) The Jail

K- BG9 - The Knight, The Killer, The Keeper, The Knowing, The King?

L- (Unknown) - The Lame, The Loser, The Laser, The Lord, The Last, the Lost, The Leach, The Leader?

M- (unknown, presumably Shaz Domino) - The Marksman, The Master, The Maker, The Magical, The Mirror, The Messenger, The Mighty, The Militant, The Mighty, The Monster?

N- (Unknown) - The Ninja, THe Negater, The Nova, The Nuclear, The Nihilist?

O- Driscoll Berci - (confirmed) The Overkill

P- Meninas McAllon - The Princess, The Passive, The Pretty, The Pacifist, The Perceptive, The Physical, The Pious, The Perfect, The Powerful, The Professor, The Prodigy?

Q- Berenice Gabrielli - (confirmed) The Question

R- Jerome Guizbatt - (confirmed) The Roar

S- Mask de Masculine -The Strength, The Stronger, The Star, The Starved, The Stopper, The Scavenger, The Scorpion, The Secret, The Sergeant, The Shocker, The Shooter, The Skull, The Sky, The Stealth?

T- Candice Catnipp - The Thunder, The Taker, The Terrible, The Time, The Tough?

U- NaNaNa Najahkoop - The Undead, The Undertaker, The Ultimate, The Untouchable, The Unknown, The Unrelenting?

V- (Unknown) - The Valuable, The Vagabond, The Vandal, The Vaporizer, The Vengeful, The Vicious, The Viking, The Vortex?

W- (Unknown, presumably Geh Geh Guy) - The Watcher, The Watching, The Waker, The Warlock, The Warlord, The Warrior, The Wicked, The Worst?

X- (Unknown) - The Xcuter(not a word i know), The Xcution, The Xenophobe, The Xenon, The Xerox, The X-ray?

Y- Royd Lloyd/Loyd Lloyd - (confirmed) The Yourself

Z- Giselle Gewelle - The Zany, The Zealous, The Zenith?

Thats My list. Thoughts?

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