• Marioman53

    The Stern Ritter Titles

    Well we've gotten to see the majority of the Stern Ritter and their letters. But for some we have absolutely no clue as to what their letters stand for. We've only got a couple. So here are my possible suggestions as to what they might be.

    A- Yhwach/Uryu Ishida -It looks its more for show than anything. It doesn't neccesarily need a meaning and could just be for rank. Maybe "The Armageddon"?

    B- Jugram Haschwalth - The Bomb, The Blaster, The Bonecrusher, The Battler,The Bishie, The Breaker, The Best, The Broken, The Brother, The Butcher, The Burner?

    C- Unknown(Possibly the KFC quincy) - The Commissioner, The Creator, The Careful, The Choker, The Cutter, The Confidant, The Charger, The Comet, The Crazy, The Cricket, The …

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