Ok, shit load of information last chapter, I though it was really good, it answered a lot of questions for me, but I created a few new ones too. For starters how did Bach choose who's power he would absorb and who he would take to be a part of his army? is Bach the only immortal quincy? why does ichigo have blut with no training despite being mixed blood? But the main daught that rose up in my point of view is what is the real difference between a pure and a mixed blood, we know that power wise they are born with blut, probably some other cool abilities like that reishi armor Ryuken mencioned, but do they need to have pure blooded parents to be conseidered pure themselves, that was what it was hinted by Ryuken, so that means that Uryu is not pure blooded, because kirg opie hinted he was, and is not like he was the product of a quincy and a human, his parents were both quincy and one was even a pure blood, plus 9 years ago he was probably being trained by his granpa, so he should have had his power absorbed as a mixed blood, everybody is thinking what the hell is ichigo and how far can he go, well right now I thinking the same about Uryu, if he is pure he will have some freakish power up this arc, what do you guys think, MIXED or PURE? <!-- Please place your content under this line. --> [[Category:Blog posts]]

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