I iknow Toonami isn't common to think about on this wiki. But... come on! It has Bleach on there so it can count...? Anyway, after 3 years and 7 months after cancellition, Toonami was returned on 5/27/12 at midnight on adultswim, where we watch the english version of bleach unless you accidently miss noth chances and have to watch it online. But Bleach is the first program on the newly revived Toonami.

But this toonami needs high ratings and views before we can see shows like Naruto Shippuden(which is on a hiatus), and whatever the heck you want to see on toonami. Anyway, we officall;ly end the Zanpakutou rebellion and next week-Bleach episode 256- starts the bount arc. There are about 10 weeks(11 if you want to skip the recap episode that sums about everything-but you'll miss part of Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra bout: Part II). So, but when that episode airs, it sucks enough to know then we have 110 episodes(from this upcoming Sunday's episode) then the Bleach anime will end! Back to the anylsis with Yukio!

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