Let me say that right now this is not the only manga that is in its climax(i think this is the final arc and it is in its climax; correct me on it if you can).An example would be the Naruto manga as it is in its climax(and it will possibly end soon so it won't be in its 3 digit number of volumes).

This is now getting to be a little darker. They are finally starting to kill off characters and yet i wish people won't come to conclusions too quickly; Kubo possibly will let us know some important key points like Ichigo's heritage(which in an interview in Masked that he was going to include in it if the manga lasted for 5 years like he originally planned). But i do like this arc. Interesting battles, some flashbacks(so now we know that the Head Captain did not always look like he does today), and yet the antagonists are sort of cool in a way and the others looked or acted pretty reckless.

But the main flaw was slaughter. Yes, characters do die but yet the way it is shown, it seems nothing more like what you see in Hiragushi no Naku Koro Ni or Elfin Lied( i am just listing random horror anime). But the way Head Captain Yamamoto died was in my opinion not the right character to die standing. The only character i would say that died like it and yet was amazing was Whitebeard from One Piece.

But still, let us see Aizen; and in my opinion, please don't make it like something no one wants to remind of us of an anime like Elfin Lied. If this was animated, wouldn't this be like the second series of Inu Yasha.(Inu Yasha: The Final Act.)

There. Please post your comments and tell me your opinion.

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