This is my 3rd character analysis and it will be Yukio Hans Voralberna, a former member of Xcution.

What does he look like to you when you first read the chapters? If you guess right, it is ALLEN WALKER from D. Gray man! What I mean is his hair! Do not make me say it again! He plays what it looks like a PSP, where most of the Bleach games(Heat of the Soul series). Anyway, he looks like a normal kid and yet is a little too young to be a buisnessman. I wonder how old he is... but then again, it doesn't matter! But if you know anything about him that i don't, please let me know.

I will like to add more but I need to get more info and see the rest of the arc!!!(I only saw when Rukia and the Gotei 13 return because I kept wondering: when the hell would Kubo-san will bring them back?!?)

To tell what character I will do next, you're going to guess(Hint: I will not do a character I already did!)

Excellent! Time to die! Another hint: everyone missed his old voice actor until it was replaced and people keep wanting him back; his original voice actor left to low pay. Please reply through the comments or my talk page!

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