Welcome to my 2nd character analysis of a random character from the world of Bleach. Please read the first blog. Now, let's begin my next anylisis with Sousuke Aizen.

Three weeks after I read volume six, I read 7, 8, and getting through volume 9. Rukia had to stay in the white tower(the japanese title of the name is a pain to remember). When Renji was thinking about Gin Ichimaru, he then sees Sousuke Aizen, waving to him. At this point you think to yourself: he doesn't seem to be evil. But little did we knew, he was pretending to be like this. As I mentioned in my top ten(well 12 since there were ties but I don't really count that), I like him prior to the stages of the Hougyoku, which makes him more creepier, especially when he turns into some odd butterfly!!!!

But then again, he is a great character and if he wasn't in it, then I believe Bleach would't be the same. Next time: Yukio! Until then, Bai Bai!

p.s. I will get to Gin Ichimaru, eventually....

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