Hello, world of Bleach wiki. But I will do my first thoughts of a manga character from Bleach. here goes:

I will start with Byakuya Kuchiki but... if you don't want to read this, you don't have to. I am not Sousuke Aizen who is a little creepy and scares the crap out of me!! So with that, let's begin, shall we?

On September 21st,2010, I had already read the first 5 volumes and was reading the sixth volume(where the lone but handsome merchant-AKA, Kisuke Urahara-is on the cover and spinal volume), and it really never takes a day to read one graphic novel. I am a fast reader and I could read a manga volume in about 30-45 minutes. Trust me, I have gotten into it when I read Naruto. Back on Topic: reading chapter 51 and looking through the color page, Renji was seen through the back(bottom panel of chapter 51)and I was a little woozy when episode 16 aired on adult swim for the first time, and I remembered that since December 22nd, 2006, I started liking Byakuya Kuchiki.

Now, if you looked on my profile, Byakuya has been my favorite and also by my avater(it is a fan art but yet, he looks cute like that!). To describe my first impression: quiet(he rarely spoke until chapter 57 when he didn't speak for more than one to three lines), powerful(able to destroy Ichigo's sword without moving), good with shunpo and in a way, believes in his pride( revealed in episode 240 a long time later). For some reason, I never thought of him evil in any way, neither Renji(which later I decided to name a character after him)during the entire Soul Society saga(I thought of it more like a saga than an arc).

About his power...? He is fast(mostly because he really hates Yourichi since he was a teeneager) and wishes to surpass her; he released his zanpakutou on Ganju without him realizing it. He really is not that stupid; don't underestimate someone by their status (since he is an artisocrat). His seiyu(Ryoutarou Okiayu) and his english voice(Dan Woren) did a nice job in the anime(depsite the fact I watched the first movie before the anime)!

For that, Tite Kubo, I thank you for creating a character like Byakuya Kuchiki. Next time, we'll do Sousuke Aizen(I am choosing a random character that has a good, decent, or excellent role in the manga or anime). Until then, sayrona!

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