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  • Manani

    Halloween is a holiday that started in Ireland that jack o' lanturns were used for... we don't have time for that! I will explain about episode 304: the Halloween episode(despite it didn't air in October).

    Ichigo is a Frankenstein(which the "creation" was used in Frankenstein movies during the 1930's and the 40's); Rukia is a succubus( the real meaning having to do with sex and i can't say more because i will be regretting myself; while Byakuya is the male counterpart called an incubus). Hitsugaya is a werewolf that acts like a dog, Rangiku is a witch, Orihime is a pumpkin(?). (should they have done something better like make it more like a pumpkin). Uryū is a vampire that is somehow similar to Karin from the series Karin(Chibi Vampire in A…

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  • Manani

    My opinion of this arc!

    October 17, 2012 by Manani

    Let me say that right now this is not the only manga that is in its climax(i think this is the final arc and it is in its climax; correct me on it if you can).An example would be the Naruto manga as it is in its climax(and it will possibly end soon so it won't be in its 3 digit number of volumes).

    This is now getting to be a little darker. They are finally starting to kill off characters and yet i wish people won't come to conclusions too quickly; Kubo possibly will let us know some important key points like Ichigo's heritage(which in an interview in Masked that he was going to include in it if the manga lasted for 5 years like he originally planned). But i do like this arc. Interesting battles, some flashbacks(so now we know that the Head …

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  • Manani

    Now, why this title? It is just that I want to show you by my own thoughts, yes it sounds odd but deal with it.

    First, my top 10 ideas of bleach that would never happen

    10. more on the seireitei outside of the gotei 13 to experience more of what the shinigami do outside of duties.

    9. the duties of what aizen's past to figure out what happened(tite kubo did say he won't do it; which made some of us a little more mad).

    8. a little romance(it could be like One piece); it is now a little more darker than ever.

    7.that the royal guard would randomly come out of nowhere(uh oh, i was half asleep and typed again; it is now the... crap!)

    6. uh, randomly the 4th movie came out by december of 2012, nothing has been confirmed.

    5.A character who is a machine! …

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  • Manani

    Character Anylsis 3

    May 30, 2012 by Manani

    This is my 3rd character analysis and it will be Yukio Hans Voralberna, a former member of Xcution.

    What does he look like to you when you first read the chapters? If you guess right, it is ALLEN WALKER from D. Gray man! What I mean is his hair! Do not make me say it again! He plays what it looks like a PSP, where most of the Bleach games(Heat of the Soul series). Anyway, he looks like a normal kid and yet is a little too young to be a buisnessman. I wonder how old he is... but then again, it doesn't matter! But if you know anything about him that i don't, please let me know.

    I will like to add more but I need to get more info and see the rest of the arc!!!(I only saw when Rukia and the Gotei 13 return because I kept wondering: when the hell…

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  • Manani


    May 29, 2012 by Manani

    I iknow Toonami isn't common to think about on this wiki. But... come on! It has Bleach on there so it can count...? Anyway, after 3 years and 7 months after cancellition, Toonami was returned on 5/27/12 at midnight on adultswim, where we watch the english version of bleach unless you accidently miss noth chances and have to watch it online. But Bleach is the first program on the newly revived Toonami.

    But this toonami needs high ratings and views before we can see shows like Naruto Shippuden(which is on a hiatus), and whatever the heck you want to see on toonami. Anyway, we officall;ly end the Zanpakutou rebellion and next week-Bleach episode 256- starts the bount arc. There are about 10 weeks(11 if you want to skip the recap episode that…

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