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Predicting Volume 46

Maggosh May 21, 2010 User blog:Maggosh

Volume 45 has been announced for release, so let's try for 46.


  • Will feature Aizen in his Hougyoku form
  • Black text
  • Titled "Deicide"


  • Will feature Isshin in Shinigami form
  • Deep red text
  • Titled "Edge of the Silence"


  • Will feature Aizen in his partly transformed form
  • Blue text
  • Titled "Back from Blind"


  • Will feature Isshin in Shinigami form with his *awesome* finger-flick pose
  • Forest Green text
  • Titled "The Death Trilogy Finale"

Not easy with this one; every other character that's appeared recently has already been featured.

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