• Maggosh

    Predicting Volume 46

    May 21, 2010 by Maggosh

    Volume 45 has been announced for release, so let's try for 46.


    • Will feature Aizen in his Hougyoku form
    • Black text
    • Titled "Deicide"


    • Will feature Isshin in Shinigami form
    • Deep red text
    • Titled "Edge of the Silence"


    • Will feature Aizen in his partly transformed form
    • Blue text
    • Titled "Back from Blind"


    • Will feature Isshin in Shinigami form with his *awesome* finger-flick pose
    • Forest Green text
    • Titled "The Death Trilogy Finale"

    Not easy with this one; every other character that's appeared recently has already been featured.

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  • Maggosh

    Predicting Volume 45

    March 25, 2010 by Maggosh

    Okay, let's try this again.

    Set 1:

    • Will feature Yamamoto, shirtless.
    • Orange text
    • Titled The Burnout Inferno

    Set 2:

    • Will feature Ichigo with Hollow mask + Bankai (45 is 15 times 3)
    • Red text
    • Titled Beyond the death understanding

    Set 3:

    • Will feature Wonderweiss with Extinguir released
    • Pale green text
    • Titled The Bite
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  • Maggosh

    Predicting Volume 44

    March 12, 2010 by Maggosh
    • Will feature Starrk in his Ressurrecion OR Tosen with Hollow mask
    • Titled Too Early To Trust OR Eyes of the Victor OR Can't Fear Your Own Sword
    • Title text will be in red OR orange

    Just a guess. Probably won't be right.

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  • Maggosh

    <center>Nathaniel's Zanpakutō:</center>

    Nathaniel carries Falling Frost Poem sealed into the form of a cane. At the command "Flourish, Falling Frost Poem!" it transforms into a small gladius which has a deceptively small blade. It deflects missiles.

    <center><a href=''>What's Your Zanpakutō?</a></center>

    <center>Zane's Zanpakutō:</center>

    This zanpakutō, named Heaven, transforms into a broad, segmented hanbo at Zane's command of "Surge, Heaven!" It produces a map of the surrounding area within a 100-meter radius, but can only be used once a day.

    <center><a href=''>What's Your Zanpakutō?</a></center>


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