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end of coyote starrk? and what of the other arrancar?

(Manga related,spoilers)

So its reveled that the wolves Coyote Starrk used where actual parts of Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerback's soul..
So while he's smacking around the two vizards with his wolves, he suddenly gets a sword through the back. That's a bit crazy, the fact he has that kinda power is insane, and then him dieing so suddenly is even crazier. Who could of possibly approached him with out him knowing and deliver a blow like that?

On top of that, what kind of abilities does Yammy Rialgo actually posses? I know no one can really say for sure but what do you think? And since wonderwiess is supposed to be a last ditch effort in this battle, how powerful is he? I mean you have to be pretty damn strong to be that stupid, then be thrown into a battle and be expected to tip the scale in his teams favor..

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