378: Eyes of the Victor


The chapter in itself was kinda disappointing. Once again, it's Ichigo saving everyone's asses. We got 4 badass captains in Hueco Mundo, but instead it's Ichigo YET AGAIN. Not to mention that I hoped Renji and Rukia would get a decent fight. Had it not been for Rukia's comment, it would've been a major FAILURE.

And that comment is what I want to write about. "Those are not the eyes of a man victorious". I've been hating Ichigo ever since he killed Ulquiorra. That fight meant to me that Ichigo is weak, that he needs to relay on his instinctual and most animal side to be strong, to be good enough to protect those he holds dear. When he defeated Grimmjow, he did it consciously, knowing who he was and what he was doing. He overpowered his Hollow instincts and got just the pure power out of them. With Ulquiorra it was the other way around. His Hollow, his animal, his irrational, non-human side took over. Otherwise, he would've been the one to die.

With Rukia's words I feel and know that Ichigo knows of his own weakness, of how powerless he is, and how he isn't strong enough to protect the ones he holds dear, which is supposed to be his main purpose.

I have little left to say, just go Rukia! And Ichi, I forgive you for being an idiot. May Ulqui's ghost haunt you forever, though. The fact that Inoue was left up there gives me back the smallest of hopes for Ulquiorra's return (please TK, we deserve a Bat for Halloween!!!).

As always, feel free to comment, Nya! See you next week

PS. I forgot the chapter numer in the title.

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