And here comes my last Anime Special before the manga returns (Countdown! I'm going nuts!)

I could go freaky crazy about this episode, but I'll hold back for the sake of coherence and common sense.

There is little to complain about it. Except for the HUGE recap at the beginning. I think I've seen Ichigo arrive at Karakura Town 6 times in the past two weeks. If there's another recap of that scene next week, I'll scream. And maybe the small filler to the Love+Rose vs Aizen, because they were, after all attacking just with Shikai. In the manga, they were "dispatched" in a second. The anime had to fledge the fight a bit for the sake of extending the episode a bit, which made it seem like they didn't try their hardest. Because they're captains and they're fighting with Shikai? Anime-only watchers must be like WTF. But we know they didn't have a chance to do anything else

But I easily forgot about these minimal things when the episode came in full force. Firstly, you have to give a medal to Romi/Hitsugaya for the... growl? roar? dunno. I at least would end with a soar throat after that.

The episode was incredibly intense. The music was so dark and streaking and fantastically ad hoc, I hadn't had this feeling in a very long time. The first part (Beyond Death Understanding) Ichimaru's narration matched with Aizen taking down Love, Rose and Komamura was just too good and too creepy. His voice just guided you through some intense terror that I find myself unable to describe. (I've always wondered -since I'm ignorant in the OST subject- what's the BGM piece called? I love it to death and I WANT it) This is the only instance in which I would even dare say the anime outdid the manga. It sent chills down my spine, it was scary and terrifying. I even felt I was seeing them die right before my eyes. It's the nicest combo I've seen in ages in the Bleach Anime.

Then we go to the Blazing/Breaking Glaciers. I loved Sui-Feng's clones. Then the captains combo (Shinji's grin for the win) and the illusion of seeing Aizen pierced by Hitsugaya's sword. It was amazing, and the animators made it last so long that it almost felt real, even if we knew it wasn't. Ichigo's scream pierced my soul. Morita did a great job this week, even if he spoke so little. And that small Momo-Hitsugaya moment (no shippings, I don't even like Momo) but it was very clear the deep impact her small words had in him. The emotion, the anger the horror, that small detail of the bloodstain on his face, and his immediate reaction, all of this scene made the of Hitsugaya losing control incredibly dramatic (I've used incredibly like a million times already). I think they decided to explain us how Aizen cut them down, because the manga made it so ambiguous. I actually liked it, even if it seems a bit contradictorious that Kyoraku calls for Hitsugaya to wait and immediately rushes to attack. That piece of BGM was amazing, I don't even remember hearing it before. My skin was crawling and my blood was boiling each moment. Each cut made my heart jump with pain, as if I hadn't known what was going to happen.

Overall the episode is a masterpiece. It made me feel like I was watching something new, always at the expectation of what was to happen. My heart kept jumping in pain and crushing with angst. I remembered why I hate Aizen so much. I don't remember feeling this much emotion, excitement and intensity from an episode in a very long time.

The Omake was funny. I think poor Sasakibe wouldn't get any screentime otherwise, and it was nice that they highlited his love for Western culture in a hilarious way. It wasn't brilliant (I still have in mind that Omake from 291 with Shinji imagining Ichigo cutting him from the back. Now that one was priceless). But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And Sasakibe's face was pretty funny

As always, I love your comments! No spoilers please, no character bashing and be nice to each others. The wiki is so dead when there's no manga. But We're back to the manga next week, I can't wait!!! BTW we're so close to episode 300! Ain't that exciting?! Anyway, have fun!!

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