Gasp! I finally got to watch the episode! I got tired of waiting for the SGKK release and ended downloading from HS.

Anyway, since there's no manga this week (I'm dying here!!), I had to fill my blog with something this week, and nothing better than the Anime, which has the bonus New opening and ending themes.

I'm glad they had a recap of Tosen's explosion, because I wanted to talk about it SO BADLY. When it happened in the manga, I thought it was just a gush of blood bursting out of some mysterious wound. But now that I saw it in the anime I was like "No way, he actually EXPLODED". And he did. And left nothing but a pool of blood behind! Where does that make sense? I mean, when does someone randomly explode after they had their throat sliced through? Last week my reaction was "WTF, the dude really exploded". Now in the recap I was actually laughing and feeling bad about it because Shuuhei looked so sad, and I was just laughing about it. I'm glad nobody was around, they'd think so much anime has disturbed my sense of reality (because really, who laughs seeing people explode?)

Now really into the episode, firstly, the drawing was pretty crappy if you ask me. With the exception of Aizen, he looked incredibly cool (way to go, make Shinji and Kyoraku look awful and Aizen look amazing. Gah). Ichigo's mask looked super awful too. People have pointed it out in Lemur's blog, the recap felt like way too much. Recap from last week, flashback to 3 Momo scenes, Ichigo's flashback to his own entrance (which happened in the same episode, seriously? Do I need to see the same thing TWICE? in a row?), then Ichigo's flashback to how he just missed Aizen (another scene repeated twice in a row) then Komamura's flashback to Ichigo's entrance (same scene Three times! GAH!) Flashbacks of Ichigo's fights (Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra), and flashback to Byakuya's pep talk. Abuse of flashback if you ask me. BTW why does the anime LOVE to remind me that Ulquiorra died? I mean, were there two flashbacks of Ulquiorra dying? Awesome (sarcasm). On another note, Komamura is talking about the many battles Ichigo fought and they show Nnoitra's fight as if Ichigo had defeated him. I was like "Duh? That was Kenpachi..."

On to the cool things, I loved the BG music for Sui-feng's speech and of course, for Hitsugaya's raging moments. When I saw those panels in the manga, I loved them to the core. Hitsugaya swearing to Aizen that he'd "crush him with violence" was just pure awesomeness. And seeing those animated was just too... cool (I'm running out of adjectives here). The seiyuu are doing a magnificent job. Romi Park (Hitsugaya), Sho Hayami (Aizen), Hoko Kuwashima (Sui-Feng) and Masaya Onosaka (Shinji) were incredible this week. I loved Kyoraku too (don't know the name... *goes to article*... Akio Otsuka), either way, they're all amazing. I've always been passionate about Bleach seiyuu, I love'em all. I also liked the animation for Aizen's Kido barrier, it was really fancy (it looks all Butterfly lol)

Omake! I didn't get most of it (basically, why did Unohana attack Omaeda? Not really like her, she's more the kind of subtle glaring and kindly threatening to kill you) but it was still priceless to see Unohana grab a sword and hit him. And I loved the "Unohana: Skilled at kendo" sign. I could just ignore how little sense the rest of it made just by how hilarious that was.

Now on to the new Opening, I'm not a big fan of SID, I like their songs, but I'm not crazy about them, so I wasn't really excited to know they were doing the new opening. I was more than pleasantly surprised, I LOVE the song. It's incredibly beautiful, and lively. And the animation, OMFU I could die loving it. Shinji and Urahara look AMAZING. And Rangiku and Gin! I was wailing all over it!! I just love this opening, and it does seem it'll cover the whole of Deicide. I'm so not looking forward to it XD. But I'm disappointed not to see Tensa Zangetsu, I really hoped to see him there!!

Ending theme! Such a beautiful song! And I love how they animated that picture of Ichigo running from the color spread that showed Ichigo's evolution (Deicide 18, was it?). I liked how it showed so many characters (poor Visoreds were left out ;_;) But I can live through it because I saw Murcielago in an Ending (Change only showed the Segunda Etapa). And I'll have Ulquiorra there for the next 10 or so weeks. Even if the drawing isn't that great. And Grimmjow! And Nelliel (Nel looks gorgeous in this ending). What I don't like is the Hime-centrism. Honestly, she won't show up until the end of the arc, and even then, she's not doing anything. Same happened for Echoes, I just fail to see the importance of Orihime in the plot (for the upcoming episodes, don't get me wrong) to give her such a central position in the ending, she should get the same kind of appearance as the other frontal characters (Renji, Byakuya, Rukia, etc.)

Anyway, that's a quick overview, not much happened in this episode. Let's see how they handle the Ulquiawful Hinamori incident next week (I'll be doing a blog next week too, since we aren't getting any manga yet!)

Anyway, you know I love your comments, remember no character bashing, no crack theories and be respectful to other users. See ya!

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