This is yet another thing I had wanted to do for a while, but I always find myself in a rush after watching the anime episode, and I always prefer to write, you know in the "spur of the moment".

I have lots of stuff to say about this episode, even if it wasn't really so awesome.

Firstly, why o WHY did Noriyuki put Orihime back into the story. We were happy without her!! Life was pretty and bitch-less without her!!! WHY?! And of course, the idiot HAD to heal Muramasa, but she can't bring Ulquiorra back, or heal Grimmjow or Nelliel or Nnoitra. But she said she can't see anyone hurt and not help them! BITCHY LIAR!!! BRING ULQUIORRA BACK INSTEAD OF THAT EMO CRAZY!!!

Now, back from my "I-hate-Himebitch-lapsus". I'll go with bad points first

Yes, everything's got to be in Karakura. Go figure. And where in Karakura do you fit a misty Pokemon-creepy-movie lake-island like that, by the way? And full of Jigokucho's? Yeah, right.

And did someone else notice how Yamajii's teeth looked enormous? I mean... they were like HUGE!

Now come on! Two of Seireitei's strongest captains (thak you Yama-jii you were of SO much help) can barely open a hole in Ryuujin Jakka's fire, but Hitsugaya was as effective as a firefighter? Where does that make sense? Yeah, his Zanpakutoh is ice, but let's get it, ICE, not water, ICE. And no matter how hard you try, if you put your freezer on fire, you'll burn your food.

Am I the only one to notice how every friggin' filler arc or movie includes a fuckin' SEALED thing that will OBLITERATE THE UNIVERSE? (Let's ignore Amagai, why obliterate the Universe when you have a bitchy bratty princess on scene?), seriously, we need something new for once in a while.

And well... Ryuujin Jakka... Were the animators trying to save money? Was Tite Kubo too lazy to make the design? I was hoping to see something awesome and we just got psycho flames.

Last thing. Why o why do we keep the dumbest zanpakuto alive and kill off the good ones? Can someone tell me how Haineko made it up til' here where Wabisuke and Sogyo no Kotowari didn't? Answer: She wigged her tail and showed her boobs to the animators. And we keep Tobiume because they make combo. I sorta understand that Katen Kyokotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari were eliminated, their true powers have just recently been revealed in the manga, and I'm glad they kept them secret in the anime until the time comes, but the Kyoraku vs KK and Ukitake vs SnK battles were pitiful. Funny in the beginning, promising at some point, disappointing in the end. And Wabisuke? I loved his design, it was really amazing! Why did we get rid of him? Let's admit it, the only cool zanpakuto still out there is Senbonzakura. 'Coz Tenken is just lame.

That's about the bad stuff. Now about good stuff.

Ichi's "I-go-Hollow" moves were cool. The animation was well done there. A bit disappointing that he didn't make it on his first Hollow attack, it made it less impressive when he did it with the second. But it was cool. Yoruichi's Shunko was a bit overused, but she's sexy, so I'll overlook it. Go kick Haineko's bitchy ass! (I've used the word bitch quite a lot in this post)

Hyorinmaru and Hitsugaya were awesome. Their victory was illogical, but it was still awesome.

Ken-chan rocks the world! He's getting pretty awesome there!

The backstory for Muramasa is pretty interesting, albeit the "seal" thing being repetitive. The possibility of a new character is always good (unless it's like Yammy or Hime-bitch or Ruribitchiyo). The zanpakutoh Muramasa's power seems as cheaty as Aizen's, but I liked the loyalty from Muramasa to his owner (a bit of an irony, if you ask me).

And the Shinigami book was sooo CUTE! I love you Renji!!

Now my especulation (the real motive for me to make this special edition)

KOGA IS A KUCHIKI. That's my theory. In one of the flashbacks his shadow is seen with the double scarf, just like Byakuya and Ginrei. It would make sense and give Byakuya a reason to follow Muramasa (though I still can't put my finger on said reason), maybe his pride means to eliminate a dark part of the Kuchiki history, to punish him for the dishonor to the Kuchiki house? Surely he found about Koga in the library he registered.  I dunno. That's my hypothesis, anyone willing to discuss it is welcome.

That's about it, sorry for the particularly long rambling. Guess I got carried away. I can't wait for the manga >w<.

Comments are welcome, you know I love them

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