I hadn't showed up again because well... this and that, between RL and focusing all my energy in staying tuned with the news about Japan, I've really got time for nothing at all. But I just couldn't stay quiet about this chapter.

I'll be brief I LOVED this chapter. Rather than the fail attempt at action during Ichigo's training (may Mr. Pork never come back please), or all the build up to Orihime's confrontation that led to nothing at all, it seems like nothing happened in this chapter except for talking, yet it's this kind of chapters that finally EXPLAIN things that I really love.

I mean, we finally get what Tsukishima is about and his connection to Xcution, and for Ulqui's sake, we finally, FINALLY, half a year later, know where that freakish badge comes from. Or at least, we get an explanation, whether it's true or false, that is yet to be seen.

Maybe the little interaction with Unagiya could've seemed pointless, but I think it was important to show that people around Ichigo notice that something's wrong with him and that he is taking too much weight on his shoulders. This arc, all since the beginning, has gone around communication, or lack thereof and about Ichigo not trusting the people around him, his not sharing his troubles and worries with the ones that care about him and that he should trust (his family, his friends, the adults) and I'm sure that's going to be an important factor in the future.

And then the important! Urahara and Isshin talking about big deal! But of course, for the sake of plot and suspense, they had to run away so that we didn't listen to their conversation. I find it quite impressive how much credit Ichigo gave to Kugo's words about not trusting Urahara after all he did for him. I mean... this is Urahara, I can't believe Ichigo lost all of his trust on the man after he saved his life so many times. Like I said, communication. Of course, I'm no one to say Urahara won't turn out to be the new enemy, but I find that completely unlikely. I'm more inclined to believe that Kugo is lying.

And we're now left in the midst of the fight against Jackie. Tbh, I'm not very intrigued by her character. Perhaps it's because her lips freak me out or because her name is too ordinary, though I am grateful that this time's training is not against Mr. Rabbit or something like that. I hope her Fullbring brings some impressive and original abilities, Kubo has always been good at that. And well, I'll wait and see how that rolls.

Now I think we all know of the mess going on in Japan, MS has a message on the first page of every new manga chapter this week with possible ways to donate and help the people that have lost their homes and families and that are now suffering from power and food shortages. Kubo has been tweeting news and information about different ways to help the victims and many people from the anime/manga industry are holding different charity events to help the victims. Everyone, please let's do our best to help them, not only because they are the home of the anime and manga we love, but out of basic human solidarity.

On a happier note, this week we had Ryuuken Ishida's birthday (March 14, Happy White day!) and Rose's birthday too (March 17). Here's hoping that everything will get better

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