I love that these chapters are coming out so early, it's awesome!

And I totally called it on Riruka's hair color, I knew it wasn't gonna be that simpleton brown that all those colorizations that I'd seen were showing.

Anyway, ignoring my long disappearance (RL can be really shitty when it wants to) I can say that I'm not really satisfied with this chapter. On Ichigo's side, not much happened, we're being made to wait longer? I'm really not understanding what Kugo and Xcution are getting at. So he got Fullbring, but really, I still don't get how that relates to getting his powers back. And the lack of any mention to the communication with Rukia was a bit bothering.

The bit of "humor" at the beginning was not exactly my piece of cake, I'm really tired of Mr. Pork and I hope against all hopes that he doesn't become a regular character and that we don't see Ichigo training against him ever again. Because really, I can't take any battle seriously when the enemy is a giant pig plushie, no matter how demonic it looks.

And then we get to Orihime... now, even if I haven't been blogging recently, that doesn't mean I haven't been reading the chapters every week and discussing them with my friends in RL. When Shishiwhatever first came out and asked Orihime to die I first thought something like... "well, she's probably going to be saved in some really ridiculous way". Next week, Shishi is knocked out by her beauty. Then Tsukishima appears (I'm talking about Tsukishima later) and while talking to my friend I told her I had this ugly feeling that Orihime was going to be kidnapped again.

And this week, the chapter ends with Orihime disappeared. Oh the joy. I mean... isn't it about time for her to like... stand up and fight? Everyone was all piped up with the resolution face she was showing last week when the guys go on saying they attacked Ishida, what happened with that? I really wish some of that resolution would become somethin more than just faces and words, because so far, it seems she is unable to take action. But oh well, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, maybe her reiatsu is altered because she did fight and she's missing because... I don't know, maybe she is currently fighting, which would be good as a change I guess.

And moving on to Tsukishima he is so gorgeous I could cry. Seriously, if he ends up kidnapping Orihime and then some stupid rabid TsukiHime fandom is born I'm gonna shoot myself (déjà vú). But on to serious business, I'm not as disappointed with his Fullbring as some others. Though yeah, a regular katana doesn't seem all that flashy, the name "Book of the End" could imply that it hides really awesome abilities, and of course I'm looking forward to see them. And I love that it comes from his Bookmark, I find it really interesting that the articles fullbringers can use are so varied, from Kugo's pendant, to something as mundane as a bookmarker.

Overall it was not an atrocious chapter but it was not the best. I really hope we find out Orihime is fighting or at least trying to because if she has been kidnapped again I'm starting a rebellion.

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