I can totally see myself in ten years doing the same thing every wednesday: Refreshing whatever manga page every two minutes to see if the chapter's out already. Seriously, it's torture.

Anyway, ignoring my tardiness, let's start with the color page. I had already heard there would be a color page and I expected Riruka, since this is the Valentine's Day chapter and she's all about love and cute and whatnot, so I was slightly disappointed to see Chad (besides, I really wanted to know Riruka's hair color). BUT, I liked the color page nonetheless. I love how the colors stand out and I love the sketchiness of it.

What I generally think of the chapter is that it was another information chapter. We get to know what Giriko's power is. I think the explanation is a bit too complicated, and I find it a bit impractical for battle (It seems you have to place the timer on the object beforehand), but let's remember that these people, unlike Shinigami and Arrancar, are not meant to be soldiers or fighters per se, so I don't think there's much of a problem there, theorically.

On the other hand, Kubo still doesn't explain why Ichigo can do Fullbring and it's getting irksome. The discussion over at Godisme's blog is good proof of it. We're all confused and well, I'd really like to know why is Ichigo's training going in this direction because I'm not getting it at all. The most seen argument is "Because his father is a Shinigami who got a attacked numerous times by Hollows and blah blah", but I find that like... you know... stupid? Fullbring is a human power, I think mixing this up with Shinigami makes it lose whatever unique status it had. I just hope that by the time Ichigo gets his powers back, we get some real explanation as to what's going on.

Something I really liked about this chapter was Chad. We all thought the coin was the trigger to his Fullbring, but that didn't really make sense with his arms being the thing changing, so it was a nice and unexpected twist that Kubo used "skin". And I loved Chad's speech about his pride as a mestizo (that's half-blood, in case anyone wondered) . Maybe it's because I'm Mexican myself, who knows. I had never really liked the fact that Chad was Mexican because Kubo himself said that he made him like that quite randomly because of his looks (stereotypes, thank you very much), but with Chad talking about how important his heritage was to him and how proud he was about his skin and his origins made me feel special too.

Lastly, Ichigo's memories of what made him proud of being a Shinigami were beautiful. I think it's the first time Ichigo aknowledges that he has such feelings towards being a Shinigami, he usually labels himself as a human, so I think this part was really important. And the Rukia panel was gorgeous to death. I'm so happy Kubo made a new drawing, I think it shows how important that moment is and how much Ichigo really misses being a Shinigami. After all, he became one because of Rukia, and the moment she faded, he lost connection to everything from the Shinigami world. I'm not going to discuss any shippings here, so let's leave that there ftm. And even though that Fullbring thing is still BS, the design of Ichigo's manji coming out of the badge was pure awesomeness. I've said it before and I'll say it as many times as is needed, Kubo is a wonderful artist.

That's all about this week, let's hope we get some explanations next week and that we get over Mr. Pork because seriously, all tension dies when the villain in turn is called Mr. Pork. Keep comments clean please. No crack theories, no spoilers and that stuff.

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