Ahhh... the joy of clicking "home" in the wrong window and losing half of what I had written...

Anyway, the chapter is out early and that's so awesome!! Especially since I really liked this chapter.

For starters, we got a more in depth explanation of Fullbring and its mechanics, which I found really interesting. The fact that its not centered in one particular object, but that it depends on the user widens the possibilities of how much the ability can vary from each user to the othe and I'm very eager to see how Kubo will surprise us with the other Fullbringers.

As for Ichigo... well I'm not too comfortable with everyone going "go and do Fullbring!!" I mean... I thought you had to be the son of a mother who got attacked by a Hollow and thus got the Hollow-ish power of Fullbring, therefore the only way Ichigo could acquire Fullbring would be by Kugo and the others transferring their despised powers to him. So now enlighten me, now anyone can do Fullbring as long as you love an object? If I have a crazy attachment to my Death Note wristwatch (which I do), can I do Fullbring? Or is Ichigo an exception because he's the son of a Shinigami, in which case Karin and Yuzu could do Fullbring too? This point has me really confused.

The badge part was really predictable, but I liked it, we finally understand how the badge comes into play. Perhaps the badge Kugo has belonged to that other Half Shinigami-Half Human, and he too used it to learn Fullbring... dunno that's a theory.

The ending... I didn't quite like it. Ichigo found a solution to his problem (I didn't really understand why Chad had to tell him if Ichigo had already figured it out, but oh well) and then Mr. Pork evolves? What is he, a Pokemon? Or is that Aizen 2.0? Seriously... Of all the terrible things that could happen when the time ended, this is like... yeah.

Though overall, I actually liked the chapter and I really look forward to see how will Kubo develop this arc.

BTW, this week we have awesome birthdays (and I just remembered now that I was going to update my twitter) so let's all celebrate Byakuya Kuchiki (January 31) and Lisa Yadomaru (February 3)!!! Happy birthday both of you!! It's a shame we didn't have a chapter for Rukia's birthday (January 14) so I'm giving her a very belated Chappy birthday here too!

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