Freaks! I'm late! I can't believe it, I waited so long for this chapter and then I couldn't get into the computer. RL can be a bitch, that's all I'm going to say.

Regardless, I have an odd feeling about this chapter. Starting from the title, it was death obvious what the chapter would be about and it felt too non-Kubo to me. I'm so used to Bleach chapters that have beautiful titles that are somehow related to the content, yet they are slightly poetical (like Burnout Inferno or Discordeque Mix), but I found this one way too uncreative, I felt disappointed (and when I said "the Six Fullbringers" my sister said "did you say something about Power Rangers?" So... yeah).

Moving on to the color page it was so awesome I was completely speechless. From the drawing, the colors, the pose, it was totally and absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait for Ju-Ni to release the clean HQ version to save it in my PC. I loved everything about it.

Leaving technical things aside, the actual chapter has this awkward thing that I'm not totally liking. It's like a filler arc because the main characters (the Humans) are trying to get rid of the powers that make them important. So they will most probably be written off or become minor characters when this arc ends. Last chapter made me think the ideas was to turn the spotlight towards normally not-so-popular humans by giving them cool abilities that made them capable of fighting and being actually involved in the plot instead of always stepping in the sidelines. But they want to give up these abilities to become normal... that's just meh.

Of course, getting into the characters' minds, yes, who would like to have Hollow-like abilities. Which leads me to the "explanation" of this Fullbring power. Way too plotsy for my liking. A Hollow attacked their father and its powers got transferred through the mother? That's soooo fanfiction. And now Ichigo will not only get his Shinigami powers back, but he'll have Fullbring too? Well, I guess it's cool that he can learn a new ability. That leads me to another point. Kugo says, 'yeah, we need you to get your powers back', does he have any idea of how he's gonna do that? Or is he just bluffing? Oh dear, I'm just ranting now.

And I'm not really into this "the new group are getting buddy-buddy with Ichigo". I really hoped they would be antagonists and this "We just popped up right when you lost your powers and want you to get them back" seems waaay too convenient. We still have the misterious guy who attacked Ishida and who seems to use the same Fullbring power. Oh, I don't know. At least the plot is finally moving in some direction, so that's good. But I still think there's something else, well, I guess that's quite obvious and well, I think all that's left is wait and see.

I'll leave it there, I'm happy to know that the break is over and that I'll once again have my weekly Bleach because I was dying there. Comments are appreciated as always

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