Merry Christmas!! And the best way to celebrate is with a surprise Bleach chapter that I, for one was totally not expecting. I thought there was no JUMP this week!

Anyway, this chapter was interesting and I liked it. Firstly because our fears of starting an EXECUTION arc are over, yay for that (Kubo has made us forever paranoid about serial titles)

But of course, the major point here is that we finally know what in heck's name Kugo's group is. And they are humans. I'm afraid to say I'm slightly disappointed. Mostly because humans have a habit of having this unique show-off moment and then eventually, become secondary background characters that are nothing to the big guys. Not to mention that I was excited to think of the possibilities of a new race, a new range of techniques (maybe a new language? Italian, French, Greek, Russian?) so many possibilities.

Now, if I understood correctly, all of the members have the same ability, if it is really like that, then I am truly disappointed. What is cool about having all of them doing the same thing? Though I do believe that they can exploit that ability in different ways, it would still be more intriguing, seeing that they are Humans, that they each had a different ability. Now we have nothing to look forward to. It's not like Visoreds, Arrancars and Shinigami, we want to know their Zanpakuto, their Shikai, Bankai, Resurreccion, Hollow Mask, and their special abilities. If they all have the same basic power "to control the soul within objects", then that's a bit boring. At least Orihime's and Chad's abilities are completely different in their maniphestation and purpose.

I have to say that the concept of "soul within matter" is actually interesting. It seemed basic telepathy at first, but after Kugo gave further explanation of the potential of their ability, I found it really interesting (though his demonstration with the drink was kinda gross). And I like that at least they can summon cool looking weapons. It's interesting that he can call such a big sword from his tiny cross (I guess I have the equivalent exchange idea too fixed in my mind. Blame FMA)

Another thing that called my attention was that when he was describing this ability, the foot of the misterious man who attacked Ishida appeared in a flashback frame. So we can assume that this guy has the same abilities, though we can't know for sure if he belongs to Xcution.

Anyway, Chad finally appeared with a goatee and... well he looks weird. And he has apparently been recruited to join too.

Now of course, the obvious questions: Why do they want to recruit Chad? Do they plan to teach Ichigo this new misterious ability in order to help him get his powers back? (that was long) And why did Chad decide to follow Riruka?

Apparently this arc is going to be centered in humans with special abilities, at least until Ichigo gets his powers back.

BTW, for this holiday season we have many things to celebrate. So I want to wish a happy birthday to:

Hitsugaya (December 20) who is surely enjoying the chilly season
Ukitake (December 21) to whom I wish a lot of health!!
Urahara (December 31) who is probably doing a double party with Yoruichi (January 1st)

Since I'm currently not sure of how long the break is (Two weeks I think?), I'm wishing everyone a Happy New Year too (celebrate with Urahara and Yoruichi please)

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