My eyes are fooling me? The chapter is out on time? Yes it is!

Now are we getting into an Execution arc or what? Will we go to WtoE 20?

Anyway, my sister is watching crappy TV and it's killing my brain (I can't think when people watch crappy TV programs) so I'll be brief.

Am I the only one who thinks Kubo is really making up excuses not to draw Chad? First he's working ALL THE TIME, and now he's gone MIA. How convenient. Maybe the misterious guy attacked him and kidnapped him and took him to the Unknown Dimmension (in Spanish, the X Files was called "The Unknown Dimmension", sorry for my crappy references, I'm in random mode).

The main point here was that, just as everyone predicted, this is Arrancar arc 2.0, and Kugo is Shinji revamped (no way, Shinji was twenty times better), the Xcution lives in a creepy warehouse (but they do it with style) and now we're introduced to a bunch of new characters, asides from Riruka, Kugo and Kutzusawa we now have two new people, a woman that looks evilish and a guy that has this classic bishonen look.

BTW did anyone else feel a bit stressed when the dude on the phone was telling Ichigo the crazy process to contact Kugo? I got dizzy @_@

And finally: the purpose of Xcution is to get Ichigo's Shinigami powers back. I feel some sort of duality here. I feel a bit bummed that Ichigo is not getting new powers. 'Sides it seems a bit lame that a whole new group was created just for the sake of giving him his powers. Of course I suppose they have some agenda, but we'll have to wait and see. On the other hand, the whole name of Bleach would lose its purpose if Ichigo was not a Shinigami and I want a comeback from the Soul Society. And we all love Zangetsu-ossan, after all.

BTW, disappointment much? So we're not going to learn about Isshin? Le gah! Kubo is such a tease!

Did anyone else love the last page! I vote in favor of having Chappy as the new image for WSJ! Who supports the idea? That was just plain awesomeness.

I have come to realize I have an odd concept of "briefness". Mah. whatever.

On another note, Talking with RL friends, I've noticed many people are not really liking Bleach right now. Why? I'm actually pretty content with the novelty. Why does everyone expect things to jump into action in the first panel? I like the build up. I love the "I have no freakish idea of what's going to happen" feeling. I was really bored during Deicide because it was like "yeah, Aizen got pummeled, then he will evolve and Aizen everyone's faces" over and over again. So I think I like the unexpectedness of the new arc. Of course, nothing's perfect, but things will pick up their pace as they always do.

Well, I'll leave it there this week, and OMU WSJ's taking their Holiday vacation. Imma die! And the following week, the Anime takes its own break. Double death.

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