Le sigh. Leave it to my mother to choose this day to take me to run some errands with her. In the end I became a decorative figure (I did nothing) and lost 4 hours of my life.

The chapter today became just as exciting as my lawyer-filled day, tbh. I could care less about Orihime's delusional obsession with Ichigo. Why does Kubo keep bringing up excuses not to draw Chad? I've never cared much about Chad, but it has become a bit lame that he's 'always working'. Were does he work? In a strip club?

As for Ishida, it was OMU super exciting to see Ryuuken. And to see that odd father/son relationship... I loved it. Now I'm excited to see if he'll have a deeper involvement in this arc.

As for the rest. Oh, surprise! Orihime is in danger again! I would've never expected that!!

If someone caught the sarcasm and how unexcited I am about it, cool. I thought we were over the "Orihime is the princess that must be saved" arc long ago, and find myself bitterly disappointed.

And now Ichigo just called the Xcution thingy and doesn't even know what he just signed in for. Talk about brash? Dunno... wouldn't it be safer to do what you do in the other arcs like... talk to Urahara, perhaps? Oh well, we need something to keep the story going, right?

I'm not a big fan of this chapter, except for the fact that it leads to perhaps knowing a little more about this Xcution thing. I feel like we're watching the Arrancar arc all over again, and we just switched Shinji for Kugo (and I liked Shinji better), and the Visored for the Xcution (and at least we knew what the Visored were when Ichigo joined them

BTW, Happy Birthday to our own Mohrpheus (December 7) and Menoly (Dec 7 too) 'coz I know you love sharing your birthday with minor characters XD

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