Happy Belated Birthday Ulquiorra!!! (you have no idea of how many times I've said that in the last 24 hours or so) Of course I wanted to make this yesterday, but leave it to MS to choose this week to release the chapter late.

Well, after a long night of pointless waiting (seriously, I went to sleep at 4 am and the chapter wasn't out yet) the freakish chapter's finally here!! I got overly stressed because in one of my visits to Minitokyo I even found the Color cover and I was like "No way!! The scans are already leaking to he net and the chapter isn't out yet!! Gaaah""

Anyway, on to the chapter. Slow paced, nearly boring (I'm not going to insert a long note on how I don't care about Orihime-centric chapters, no flame wars and character bashing please). I have nearly forgotten most of it so... yeah. The only thing I was expecting was to see what Kugo had given to Ichigo (I thought it was a Shinigami badge or that cross he had in the Color page)

Except for the ending! I'm glad Ishida got article of the month, he's doing awesome things (love you Ishida!!). Who's the misterious man? I thought it was Chad! Especially in the close up, he totally looked like Chad (or am I imagining things?), I thought Ishida was gonna catch him but then OMU he failed! Did Ishida lose his arm again? I'm not sure, there was too much blood, but OMU. Will it become a new trend for him? You know, it's a common joke how Ishida loses his powers all the time (even if he only did it once in canon and once in the Bount arc). So if he loses his arm again... poor Ishida, people make fun of him all the time. BTW I just reread and... was he dropped outside Ichigo's house? WTH?!

And the misterious object Ichigo received was that black card, like the ones you get when you belong to a very exclusive club. I liked that, and the words are written looks really cool. And it gives even more suspense about what are Kugo's guys and what they plan.

Ichigo's family! Isshin won't show up and now Ichigo is finally willing to ask some questions, that is going to be really cool. The little scene with Yuzu was interesting, she totally changed her mood when Ichigo mentioned Isshin, what's going on in that house?

Overall, even if the chapter wasn't all that great, the last few pages did it for me, loved them!

And of course this week (exactly yesterday) was Ulquiorra's Birthday!!! (December 1st). I'm not going to overkill you with how many things I did to celebrate *Hugs Ulqui-plushie*, but I can say it was a wonderful day for me. And I was able to download the single for Ranbu no Melody (It's so freaking gorgeous I could die!) and the Hell Arc movie theme Save the One Save the All by T.M Revolution (listening to it right now) with the bonus interviews with Masakazu Morita (Ichigo) and Kokuto's seiyuu. So Happy belated Birthday Ulquiorra!!!

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