Yes, I AM doing a blog on both chapters! I had to, especially after MS made me wait for so long for them.

Starting with the weekly, it was a very slow paced chapter. Bordering boring, maybe not so much in my taste.


ULQUIORRA IS IN THEM!!! KYAAAA!!! And he looks GORGEOUS!!! Considering this chapter will be released until next week in Japan, I'll believe Kubo included him as a Birthday present for my beloved Ulqui. Let me be delusional. Seriously, I would've been happy with 21 pages of freakin' color pages. Though I still don't understand why Kubo counts Nnoitra as one of Ichigo's battles, when all that happened was Ichigo being tossed around by him (maybe Kubo forgot what actually happened in that fight). Meh, I don't care, I love Nnoitra and he looks awesome showing off his tattoo so, all the better.

Now that I have finished fangasming over the color pages, I can go over the actual chapter.

Well, we didn't quite get anything here. I'm glad Karin isn't a Shinigami, honestly, that would've been... FANFICTION CLICHE!!! (I'm in Caps lock mood. It's the color pages) It was funny to see Urahara selling his odd-named products, we hadn't seen what kind of stuff he sold apart from the gigai and the gikon.

I think it was interesting to see the kind of responsibility Karin has taken upon her shoulders by scaring away the spirits and Hollows and keeping them away from Ichigo. And Ichigo was of course completely oblivious to it. I'm curious as to why Mr. new guy (who finally has a name) Ginjo (Kubo has a knack for the "Gin" thing, doesn't he?) says Urahara-san is suspicious and stuff. Heck, we all know Urahara is a suspicious guy...

It seems we're having a deja-vu to Shinji trying to recruit Ichigo? Whatever organization Ginjo and his group are, they seem interested in having Ichigo join them. Moar new characters!! I liked the girl, Riruka she looks like Hatsune Miku with an Arrancar-ish look. The guy, Kutzuzawa, reminds me of Sasakibe. We just have to wait and see what they're up to.

A slow paced chapter, as I said. I kinda expected more to happen, but it seems we're still building up the plot before we start to figure out what's going on here. I'm looking forward to it

Now to the Hell Arc Special!!

I LOVED the chapter. First because Szayel was there. I'm a closet Szayel fan. There, I said it.

I'd love if Kubo were to make a full arc out of this. Not gonna happen, I know, we'll have a movie. I usually end up hating movies because they mess up basic things (Ikkaku showing his Bankai? Byakuyra using Senkei on a random monster? Urahara's Senkaimon opening on top of the Sokyoku hill? Yeah sure).

I think what I loved the most was seeing Szayel use a Gran Rey Cero. For no actual reason, except that he'd never used a Cero before and nobody else had used a Gran Rey Cero except for Grimmjow. So that was like... so cool!

The scenery of Hell was amazing. Different from Hueco Mundo and still very arid and dead. The monsters reminded me of the primitive Arrancar, from the first meeting when Ulquiorra reported to Aizen the first time.

I think this chapter poises a problem for us because I foresee hoards of Espada-fans hoarding with "Now they can come back and reappear in Hell/Soul Society!!" Gone is our "Well, they were Menos composed of millions of Souls" rebate. Ah... are we gonna suffer. At least we know they ARE still dead, no matter if they are in Hell.

Still LOVED the Hell special. Am still reeling over it.

Special announcement!!

With the new look a lot of things have changed (a lot of them we don't really like -yes I'm looking at you, sidebar) One of them is that we can't have Wiki announcements at the top of the page (which I find pretty dumb, but oh well, let Wikia be happy with their ridiculous ToS) so we have to find new ways of promoting our monthly votes for Featured Article, Featured Quote and Featured Picture

Last month we didn't have many votes because nobody even noticed the voting was open. So now, I was asked to remind all of you that the voting is now Open and that you may all go cast your votes for your favorites. Just remember the Voting Policy. Only users that have been registered for more than one month and that have been contributing actively for the past month are allowed to vote. And remember to give valid reasons to vote. ("I love him to death" and "He's super cool" are not valid reasons to vote ;D)

So there you have it, go and vote for the best articles, pictures and quotes. And remember making campaign for your favorite is not allowed. The Voting ends November 29, so hurry up!

That's all for this week (this entry is kinda long). Hope to see your comments on both this week's chapters. No birthdays this week, but get ready for Ulquiorra's next Wednesday! I'm so excited!! (Am I totally silly?)

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